August 29, 2019



#1 In addition to hunting and fire making, Stone Age people swore on FUN to-go. The first archaeologically-documented dildo is estimated to be 28.000 years old! 

#2 This phallic sextoy consisted of polished siltstone and was about 7.4” long, 1.5” wide and weighed a little over half a pound.

#3 In the 12th century dildos were already well-known worldwide. In France they were called "Godemiché" (artificial penis). 

#4 In 12th Century Italy, dildos were called “Dilettos“ (Pleasure, Joy).

#5 During extra-realistic FUN in the 18th century, leather bags formed like male sexual organs were filled with hot milk, which shot out of a hole with external pressure. Disadvantage: Those who were in a hurry, burned their most sensitive areas. Ouch!

#6 In 1734, some enterprising French person invented a wind-up vibrator, called “Le Tremoussoir.”

#7 Victorian vibrators were mostly used to treat men (!) for conditions including headache and constipation. 

#8 In 1869, Dr. George Taylor introduced the world to the Manipulator. It was steam-powered and so enormous that its engine was kept in a separate room with the vibrating part poking through the wall. 

#9 The reason: He no longer wanted to masturbate his female patients by hand. Such treatment was assumed to alleviate conditions such as "hysteria" (symptoms: fatigue, anxiety, irritability). And indeed, his patients left the practice "exhilarated, as if after a glass of champagne.” For doctors back in the day: a miracle! For us: Not so much!

#10 In 1883 Joseph Mortimer Granville introduced "Granville's Hammer,” an electric vibrator with various attachments and a heavy, but portable battery.

#11 Granville's invention is the basis of the film "Hysteria" (2011).

#12 From then on, the spirit of invention was apparently unstoppable: more than a dozen different vibrators were presented during the Paris World Exhibition (1900). These included vibrators that dangled from the ceiling or were attached to rolling devices.

#13 Women – in the kitchen! In 1918 the US-American company Sears, Roebuck & Co. presented a multifunctional kitchen tool consisting of a mixer, a fan, and (!) a vibrator.

#14 A promising start. So, why don’t we have flying space vibrators now? Well, vibrators were frowned upon the U.S. from 1920 to the end of the 1960s; advertising was completely banned. 

#15 As the sexual revolution of the 1960s brought back interest in sex toys, people wasted no time! The first cordless, battery-operated vibrator was introduced in 1968. 

#16 Until the middle of 20th century vibes consisted mainly of glass or wood. Then various plastics and latex were added.

#17 In the late 60s, German journalist and author Oswald Kolle revolutionised the world as a "Sex-Education-Guru.” His films, like “A Guide in the Art of Love” (orig. “Das Wunder der Liebe”, 1968), reached 140 million viewers worldwide.

#18 In the USA, sex educator Betty Dodson was the one to make vibrators popular. In the 70s, she wrote articles and taught classes celebrating the virtues of the vibrators.

#19 In 1996 FUN FACTORY was the first company to put colorful silicone on a vibrator.

#20 At the end of the 1990s the first FUNFACTORY kegel trainers, the SFERA DUO, came onto the market.

#21 At the beginning of the 2000s, together with midwives and gynecologists, the SFERA DUO became the SMARTBALLS. Ideal for training and keeping the pelvic floor fit. Having even better sex is a particularly positive side effect.

#22 Since 2002, FUN FACTORY vibrators are waterproof and equipped with an ergonomic control unit.   

#23 FUN FACTORY’s LAYASPOT revolutionized the world of sex toys. Today LAYA II is one of the most versatile vibrators ever and a constant bestseller!

#24 Love your rechargeable vibe? Our engineers designed the first one ever in 2005. 

#25 Another milestone: the first FUN FACTORY flagship store opened in April 2010 in Berlin. The interior design was planned by New York designer Karim Rashid. Only four months later, the store receives the Red Dot Award for Communication Design.

#26 2012: FUN FACTORY introduces the PULSATOR– another revolutionary step forward! A toy that pushes back and forth – hands-free – instead of vibrating.

#27 In January 2015, FUN FACTORY opened store number two – located at the Viktualienmarkt in the heart of Munich. 1,937.5 bright, sensual, and futuristic square feet on two levels.

#28 In 2015 FUN FACTORY took PULSATOR technology to the next level: with the BI STRONIC FUSION, a dual-action-toy for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation, conquers the market. 

#29 In 2016, FUN FACTORY created the first battery/rechargeable hybrid vibes, the BATTERY PLUS RECHARGEABLE line.

#30 At the end of 2017, STRONIC G causes a sensation: the world's first and only G-spot pulsator marks the beginning of a new STRONIC generation with usual power and intensity, while being slimmer and lighter than the original.





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