August 29, 2019


FUN Factory 150 Years Production and Design


#31 We started making toys with fanciful – abstract or figurative – shapes because we wanted to and because we have a passion for design. Toys designed in Japan, like the famous Rabbit vibrator, however, include smiling faces and cute animals in order to get around the country’s obscenity laws. 

#32 We make our toys from medical silicone, one of the most body-friendly materials on the market: quick and easy to clean, and hypoallergenic – perfect for very sensitive skin. 

#33 And: we were the very first to produce these silicone toys in bright colors.

#34 Still think vibrators are niche? Turns out they’re a billion dollar market!  

#35 Last year alone, we sold more than a million products worldwide!

#36 Vibrators make up nearly 20% of the whole sex toy market. 

#37 By the way, we have colleagues and customers in 58 countries, so we‘re always extremely busy!

#38 Our bestselling toy color ever? Depends. Speaking generally, when men are buying vibrators as gifts for women, they mostly buy pink. 

#39 We’ve always been pioneers. FUN FACTORY was the first brand to win a mainstream design award for a vibrator, in 2008. 

#40 Did you know that a vibrator is basically just a motor that’s defective on purpose? Throwing off the balance of weight in a motor makes it vibrate! 

#41 Although there are no binding guidelines for the safety of sex toys in the U.S., they are just as important to us as a great design. That’s one of the reasons we keep our factory in Germany, as an integrated part of our headquarters.  

#42 Our CLICK 'N' CHARGE technology (2009) made our toys even safer and more durable. The USB MAGNETIC CHARGER lets you charge your toy anywhere in the world. Plus, it turns our rechargeable vibes into 100% waterproof toys.

#43 In 2011, the “Good Design Award” went to our G4 vibes. The reason: the ergonomic LOOP handle – for even better handling and intuitive operation.

#44 Also honored: the COBRA LIBRE won the "iF product design award", the "Good Design Award" and the "Deutscher Designer Club" award.

#45 No reason to rest! Our next innovation was called FlexiFUN Technology™ and makes our pure silicone vibes (G5 series) extra flexible.

#46 For each of these ideas, the new toy shape first emerges in the minds of our designers, then as a sketch on paper, and finally in detailed 3D models.

#47 While making prototypes used to be a lengthy process, 3D printing has made it possible to produce a mold easily, right in the office, and adjust it quickly. 

#48 FUN FACTORY vibes are already colorful, but the prototypes are often something else entirely! To avoid waste, they’re made from leftover or experimental silicone colors, sometimes a blend of multiple colors. 

#49 Recycling practices like these – and more – save us an average of around 40 tons of resources per year!

#50 What happens to our prototypes? They get tested and continually adjusted until our designers are satisfied.

#51 And, yes: of course, these tests also include "road tests" by our group of toy testers.

#52 For every test, we select a suitable mix of toy beginners and industry professionals from our constantly growing toy tester pool. All experiences are then recorded using anonymous questionnaires. After each group, the toy is optimized and new prototypes and questionnaires are created for the next round, until everyone says, “Heck yes!”

#53 When a toy finally goes into production, the silicone components are poured and motors and operating elements are assembled – to a large extent still by hand, in our Bremen factory. 

#54 Only impeccable goods leave our factory! Before packing, each toy is individually checked for a functioning battery, a flawless silicone sheath, a scratch-free control panel, and the correct vibration settings.

#55 Did you know? In order to ensure that every customer receives an "oven-warm" product directly from our production, all our toy packaging is provided with a hygiene seal. For an all-round hygienic experience!

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