August 29, 2019


FUN Factory 150 Years Tips for better sex


#56 Believe it or not, autofellatio, or oral self-satisfaction, is actually possible for men. But calm down: according to the Kinsey Report only 0.2 – 0.3% of world´s male population is actually able to do it. 

#57 Sad but true: although oral self-satisfaction for women also has a name (autocunnilingus), it is practically impossible.

#58 A tip to make up for it: during oral sex with your partner, the extra power of our PATCHY PAUL kicks things up a notch.

#59 Speaking of  vibrators … they can be a great (and efficient!) way of accessing hotspots that are not easy to reach, like the internal clitoris. 

#60 At the sex toy store? Try testing a vibe on the tip of your nose to get a real sense of its power.

#61 If you haven’t already, introduce your partner to your vibrator. Talking about sex toys reduces shame and guilt around sex in general. 

#62 If you have ED, not to worry! There are vibrators you can use without an erection, like the MANTA and the COBRA LIBRE II.

#63 The COBRA LIBRE II is also great for folks with arthritis or other mobility/fine motor issues. You can just rest it comfortably on your belly while it does its thing! 

#64 For power queens who want or need super strong vibration, we recommend VOLTA, our most powerful external vibrator. Clit approved!

#65 Not sure where to start using a vibe during partner sex? Cupping their hotspots with the gently curved LAYA II is always a good idea. 

#66 Don’t know what to do with the pattern settings on your vibe? They’re great for teasing or edging—bringing you close to the edge, then winding down, then bringing you back…

#67 If you have a medical grade silicone vibrator and you’re experiencing any irritation, check your lube. It’s way more likely to have a sensitivity to glycerin than to the material. Or if you know you love your lube, try using more of it!

#68 In fact, we always recommend using lube with a silicone toy, even if you don’t use it at other times. Silicone has more friction than skin, and we want you to be comfy.

#69 If you find that you always need a vibe to get off, but you used to enjoy other ways too – it´s time to shake things up! Use your hands, your shower head, a willing partner, a convenient pillow, or even a different vibrator. The issue is habituation, not a physical problem. 

#70 Anal sex newbie?  For a first approach, vibrate around your anus with your lubed-up vibe. The stimulation of the countless nerve endings in this sensitive area will make you want to experience more.

Before you put anything in your butt, cleanse it with a DOUCHE, buy yourself a good water based anal lubricant such as TOYFLUID, get relaxed and turned on.

#71 Before anal penetration, make sure your toy has a base like the BI STRONIC FUSION, DUKE, or LADY BI. Otherwise you risk the disappearance of your vibe and an awkward visit to the E.R.

#72 Want more from strap-on play? The SHAREVIBE stimulates both of you at the same time without sacrificing intimacy and closeness.

#73 Training your pelvic floor is the long-term solution for better sex and more intense orgasms. To get started, we recommend our SMARTBALLS.

#74 …Or our B BALL UNO plug! Anal kegels are totally a thing.

#75 Postpartum? Regularl training your pelvic floor after giving birth helps you to strengthen your strained muscles floor and even prevent incontinence.

#76 Got a prostate? Use it. Targeting and massaging the “p-spot” – for example with the DUKE vibe or a plug like the BOOTIE – can lead to longer lasting, almost earth-shaking orgasms.

#77 Do it for your health! Studies have proved that regular ejaculations prevent prostate problems. 

#78 If you want to have FUN with anal beads, please take your time and use plenty of lube. Insert one bead after another and then go on having FUN. Just before climax, carefully pull out the beads (e.g.BENDYBEADS) for an incredible orgasm!

#79 Did you know that a sensitive extension of the clitoris runs along the labia? The (additional or solo) stimulation of the outer and inner labia, maybe with the AMORINO vibe, often leads to extra-intense orgasms.

#80 Is the a-spot a real thing? It is! And it directly leads to good feelings. Here’s how: The “anterior fornix erogenous zone” (a-spot) is located on the front wall of the vagina, close to the cervix. While stimulating it, using firm-but-pleasant pressure and scooping motion, you can get wetter and more physically aroused very, very quickly. 

#81 Not sure how to reach the a-spot (fingers too short, not a contortionist)? Just check out our LADY BI – a dual action toy with two motors, 49 combinations of vibration speeds and patterns, and a shape that hits the a-spot and (!) clit at the same time.  

#82 Stay open to new ideas! Try watching some good porn or reading an erotic novel. Who knows what adventurous thing will make you want to try?

#83 Whether in the shower, bathtub or a mountain lake, sex in water isn’t just for the middle of the hot summer (well, maybe in case of the mountain lake it is!). There are no limits with your 100% waterproof FUN FACTORY toys. Plus: quick and easy cleaning – under running water – is a real win-win!

#84 For sex in water, count on waterproof silicone lube – for extra-long FUN. But: if you use a silicone toy, put a toy-safe condom on it first. Silicone-based lube and silicone toys are not compatible.

#85 Be a Bond girl, a Roman emperor or a strict professor: role-play is a great opportunity to say the dirty things you’ve been too nervous to say before. The worst that can happen: you burst out laughing – which often leads to really good sex anyways.

#86 Too shy for dirty talk? Then try sexting! Surprise your sweetie with a detailed description of all the things you will do with them that evening. If you want to get started on your own, grab a hands-free PULSATOR from our STRONIC PULSATOR line and go on sexting.

#87 Hungry for more? Bon Appetit! Pomegranate seeds heighten genital sensitivity. Bananas boost potassium – for stamina. Vanilla stimulates the nerves, chili and ginger promote blood circulation – for more FUN and intense orgasms.

#88 Quickie Tip: the strong vibrations of the VOLTA or  LAYA II get you extra aroused super quickly – perfect for getting in the mood with just one click.

FUN Factory 150 Years - Travelling with toys

#89 For frequent travellers: to stop your favorite toy from turning on in your suitcase, you can rely on the travel lock function of our rechargeable vibes or the pulsators in our STRONIC series. With battery-operated toys like the ABBY G, make sure to remove the batteries before you go through security.

#90 Just have a small carry-on? Try our small, lightweight toys – like WICKED WINGS vibe or BOOTIE plug – plus a small bottle of TOYFLUID lube.

#91 CHECK THE LAWS If you’re traveling out of the country, make sure that there are no laws that prohibit you taking a sex toy into the country you’re visiting. While many countries have pornography laws, sex toys are usually a safe bet, but it’s better to know for certain! 



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