November 27, 2019



#92 A lot of weird VIBRATOR MYTHS persist today!

#93 If you’ve ever worried that a vibrator will replace you, it won’t. No matter how much fun a vibe is, it’s never going to seduce someone. It can’t whisper dirty things at you or touch you that one specific way you love. It’s not having sexy reactions of its own.

#94 For a while, many people didn’t worry about that, but not for a GOOD REASON. The idea of women experiencing lust was considered EXTREMELY RARE (and morbid) by 19th century physicians.

#95 Bizarre, considering that QUEEN CLEOPATRA - according to a well known legend – used to masturbate with a rudimentary vibrator: a gourd filled with LIVING BEES. Well, probably she didn’t, but it’s a good story.

#96 First of all: Your vibrator will not make you permanently numb. It just won’t.

#97 And in case it needed saying, using a vibrator internally will not stretch you out.

#98 Oh yeah, and masturbation won’t give you hairy palms either.

#99 Until the 20th century, some believed that ACNE was caused by masturbation. And of course that’s nonsense, too.

#100 The myth that TUBERCULOSIS results from excessive masturbation didn’t die until 1882, when Robert Koch discovered the TUBERCLE BACILLUS.

#101 Other DISEASES for which masturbation was blamed included spinal cord loss, cancer and leprosy.

#102 In fact, the opposite is true! Keep using your vibe when it’s chilly out; masturbation BOOSTS IMMUNITY.

#103 Those who have SEX SEVERAL TIMES A WEEK have a higher concentration of certain antibodies in their blood. And that helps to nip any colds in the bud.

#104 Vibration encourages blood flow, which is great for your sexual health!

#105 Women who own vibrators are more likely to have orgasms, whether they’re using the vibrator or not.

#106 Vibe users may also get FEWER HEADACHES. It’s certainly worth a try!

#107 The hormone prolactin provides pure relaxation after an orgasm = falling asleep is much easier for you!

#108 Another hormone that is released after climax is oxytocin - responsible for reducing stress and anxiety.

#109 Balancing the body‘s own hormone levels also helps to prevent the development of OSTEOPOROSIS and various heart diseases.

#110 Regular sex can even lower your BLOOD PRESSURE! In short, it’s time to put some quality time in your calendar.

#111 Frequent orgasms can lower the risk of various types of cancer. That’s a great reason to reach into your bedside drawer tonight.

#112 Playing with your vibrator also boosts arousal and sensitivity. WIN-WIN!

#113 12% of women use a vibrator at least once a week. We believe you can raise that number!

#114 50% start feeling the vibe in their 20s.

#115 Want to learn more? The movie "Hysteria" which was already mentioned earlier is a fictionalized and adorable history of the first electric vibrator.

#116 In fact, leading actress Maggie Gyllenhaal says that she gave the movie’s entire cast and crew vibrators when they started filming: “It was expensive!”

#117 OUT Magazine called Hysteria “the vibrator movie you can take your mom to.”

#118 We have more facts for you. One of them is that more than 80 % OF WOMEN who’ve bought vibrators bought them primarily for clit stimulation.

#119 According to a Swedish study from 2006, 69 PERCENT of women prefer clitoral masturbation, 28 PERCENT a combination of clit and vaginal masturbation, and less than THREE PERCENT want penetration alone.

#120 For some people, vibration is the only way they experience ORGASM.

#121 In 2015, Macy Gray released a song about her “B.O.B.”—Battery Operated Boyfriend.

#122 The CLITORIS is similar to an ICEBERG - the majority of it is hidden beneath the surface. In fact, its nerves surround the entire area around your labia and vagina – inside and out.

#123 And as always, SAFETY FIRST! If you have a strong stomach, you can find some very colorful stories about people going to the ER because their makeshift sex toys got stuck somewhere. That’s one reason we suggest you stick with a real vibe and only using toys with a flared base in your butt.

#124 NOT QUITE SO FUNNY: There are still places where you’re not allowed to own a vibrator! The list includes such disparate places as Thailand and the U.S. state of Alabama.

#125 Speaking of traveling, AIRPORT SECURITY might classify your favorite toy as a weapon if it’s longer than 6 inches and made of metal or glass. And watch out for BDSM accessories! While riding crops usually pass through without any problems, you should check whether you can take larger stuff (e.g. bull whips) beforehand.

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