THE BENEFITS OF VIBRATORS: It's all about you!

July 05, 2017

THE BENEFITS OF VIBRATORS: It's all about you!

Everyone doesn't have a partner. Not everyone wants a partner. Some people are between partners. The reality is: You don't need a partner to enjoy great sex.

It's okay - even healthy - to masturbate regularly. Orgasms not only relieves stress, it also boosts the immune system and burns calories! Indulge in whichever solitary sexual behaviors bring the most pleasure. It's up to you to choose how you reach orgasm ( sex toys, videos, running waters etc). There are no rules, no "right ways" to achieve sexual pleasure as long as there's no danger to you or anyone else.

Love Yourself First

A satisfying sex life begins and ends with an acknowledgment and understanding of our own sexual needs and responsibilities. Your beautiful body shape that is utterly and uniquely you. Curves, bumps, humps and all – hot damn! Your hair. Your eyes. Your stomach. Your nose. Your arms. Your legs. Your mouth. Your toes. Your bootie. All of you is gorgeous and worthy of heaps of love. Ultimately, we are responsible for our own sexual pleasure. Then we can acknowledge the needs and responsibilities of our partners. 

Why you should consider a sex toy

Well, first of all, who doesn't want more orgasms?! Orgasms are good for women's health and they feel pretty darn awesome. Vibrators enhance libido, better relationships, and even better quality of life. And here's more good news: Having an orgasm can help improve your health, calm you down and induce sleep, relieve stress, ease Menopause Symptoms and can bring more joy to your life. One of the main reasons orgasms feel so good is because your brain releases the pleasure hormone oxytocin when you climax. Oxytocin ( the love hormone ), as well as endorphins, surge through your body, and our bodies thrive on the natural chemicals released during orgasm. 

The Joys of a Female Orgasm

A mind-blowing orgasm can put you into a deep state of relaxation making it easier to sleep and chill out after a stressful day. 

Yes, the Orgasm can stop PMS Cramps

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) refers to physical and emotional symptoms that occur in the one to two weeks before a woman's period. Symptoms often vary between women and resolve around the start of bleeding. Common symptoms include acne, tender breasts, bloating, feeling tired, irritability, and mood changes.

Orgasms cause the uterine muscles to contract and release a slew of brain chemicals, including oxytocin, which is the body’s natural pain reliever and can stop menstrual cramps immediately. 

Yes, the Orgasm can stop menstrual cramps immediately. If having sex seems like an unnatural act when on your cycle, consider using Soft tampons, which you can wear during sexual activity. It will close off the cervix and collect menstrual blood, so your partner won’t even know it’s there...Ah Yes!

Having an orgasm in any way, shape, or form will help those suffering with Headaches

Got a migraine? The most effective method of treating a headache: over-the-counter painkillers, or an under-the-pants orgasm party? 60% of migraine sufferers experienced relief while engaging in sexual activity. Endorphins released during sex can function as natural pain killers. Even better, the same amount of endorphins is released regardless of whether you’re flying solo or paired up with a partner, meaning every kind of orgasm is welcome.

Professors and sexologists around the world found that orgasms can relieve all kinds of pain - including pain from arthritis, pain from menopause, pain after surgery and even pain during childbirth, thanks to pain-relieving oxytocin and endorphins. When women masturbated to orgasm the pain tolerance threshold and pain detection threshold increased significantly by 74.6% and 106.7% respectively."

So there you have it, healthy sex life is indeed part of a healthy body, so go ahead and get busy – you’ll feel better for it! 

Vibrators can ease menopause symptoms

Vibrators are not just for pleasure.They also have useful health benefits, such as helping with vaginal dryness and painful sex in menopausal women.Therapeutically, frequent vibrator use counteracts vaginal dryness and weakened muscle tone associated with menopause. An alternative to hormonal treatment, regular vibrator use improves “reproductive and pelvic health help by stimulating pelvic blood flow, which increases vaginal moisture and boosts sexual response, all of which making sex (with or without a partner) more enjoyable.”. Within a month, women should notice a difference (even past menopause). …The reality is, vibrators are a great, no-side-effect solution to an issue that millions of women suffer from. My goal is to educate women that vibrators aren’t something to be embarrassed about — not only are they fun, but they also help women stay comfortable and happy during this sometimes uncomfortable stage in life...Women of the World, have fun experimenting!

Vibrators are worth a try. JOY FOR WOMEN recommend one of our high quality luxury clitoral vibrators Fun Factory VOLTA ! If you are a beginner, start small and simple with Fun Factory Laya II. For couples try our Global best selling Dame Eva II Clitoral and Couples VibratorThe best vibrators are discreet, rechargeable and waterproof.

Recommending vibrator use for pleasure and overall physiological health whether having solo or coupled sex. if you are not using estrogen cream and your body produces less moisture than before and doesn’t create enough lubrication, always remember to lubricate using a premium quality personal lubricant from our pjur range that work great for anyone with sensitivities and vaginal dryness issues. JOY FOR WOMEN recommend: pjur nude all natural water based lubricant. Pjur is designed as a daily vaginal moisturizer that's made with 100% natural ingredients instead of chemicals that you normally find in most lubricants, plus its not sticky or tacky and has vitamin E, which makes it silky smooth.

JOY FOR WOMEN recommend We Vibe Melt  - A Global Best Selling Clitoral Suction Toy. The powerful suction of the We Vibe Melt uses pleasure air technology, which has nothing to do with a vibrator. It makes contactless stimulation of the clitoris  – is whisper quiet, comfortable to hold and very satisfying! (100% orgasm guaranteed!). Simply pop onto your pearl of pleasure and feel how the clitoris gets gently sucked and then stimulated by the non-contact pulsating pressure waves. Experience strong (multiple) orgasms over and over again, which you will never want to do without ever again…
Turn on your We Vibe Melt. Then choose the frequency of the impulses (from super soft to super strong) that is right for you from the 12 intensity levels by using the Plus/Minus button.The highlight: The We Vibe Melt is 100% waterproof and can therefore provide thrilling pleasure in the bath or the shower. Plus its App Controlled through the FREE We Connect App. H
ave fun experimenting!

Kegel exercisers

Maintaining your vaginal muscles and your pelvic floor is very important during menopause. Building up muscle strength with Kegel Balls helps maintain the elasticity of the vaginal wall. Strong vaginal walls means better orgasms.


Doing your kegel-exercisers not only help during menopause,they help post-birth restoration of the pelvic muscles and prevent trouble with urine-leakage, but can also create stronger sensations during intercourse and give you more intense orgasms.

Smartballs are made in solid smooth seamless silicone and are easy to insert and extract, 100 body-safe, hygienic and comfortable to use. The length of the string is designed for easy extraction without creating discomfort by having a bundle of string in your panties, there is no moving object inside that creates noise without adding anything to the function, and the smooth feel and ovoid design make them not only do good and feel good but also look good.


Sexual Stimulants

Sexual stimulants, like a clitoral arousal oil, also help with lubrication. They bring more blood flow to the clitoris, which kick-starts your natural lubrication. As a bonus, it also helps you get aroused much faster too!

JOY FOR WOMEN favorite is ON AROUSAL OIL because it’s all natural — made with cinnamon oil, which doesn’t burn but tingles — and comes in a few different varieties: On Original, On Ultra, On Chocolate, On Hemp, as well as On Balm.

Pleasure should not stop when you experience menopause. Sex toys and adult products make sex easier and more enjoyable during this annoying and crazy time in your life. They can help you feel sexy and happy.

Plus, they have useful health benefits for you (and your relationship)!








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