Fun Factory Smartball Uno Kegel Exercise Orgasm Ball for Beginners India Red/White

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Fun Factory Smartball Uno Kegel Exercise Orgasm Ball for Beginners India Red/WhiteTraining for Bigger Orgasms. Expertly designed for women to exercise their vagina muscle, the ultimate pelvic floor workout, whether enjoyed as a part of foreplay or your daily routine.This luxury SMARTBALL UNO includes one exercise ball for beginners and is ideal for women who want to start training their pelvic floor muscles with small weights. Made of 100% body safe silicone this easy to use SMARTBALL UNO provides resistance for pelvic floor exercises to help with Bladder Control, Tighten Vagina Muscles after giving birth, and strengthen PC muscles bringing satisfying sexual benefits and powerful orgasms. Perfect choice ladies!


Why we love Fun Factory Smartball Uno Kegel Exrecise Orgasm Ball - They are everything a kegel exerciser should be. A luxury effortless FUN pelvic floor strengthener that has helped thousands of Australian women.Designed by women for women! Recommended by gynaecologists, doctors, and midwives all over the world!

FUN FACTORY - IBIZ Award Winner 2017 for The World's #1 "Best Female Lifestyle Product".
Smartball Uno Kegel Exercise Orgasm Ball – Your little personal trainer for more desire, more FUN, and more effective training - The world's most discreet love ball! See results within 7 days - No more excuses to skip your pelvic workout ladies!
Key Features:
  • Train your body for bigger, better orgasms with SMARTBALL UNO by Fun Factory 
  • The SMARTBALL UNO with just one ball is ideal Kegel weight for beginners and is ideal for women who want to start their training their pelvic floor muscles with small weights.
  • Perfectly designed for someone with a tilted uterus or who’s had a hysterectomy to get their pelvic muscles back in shape in a fun and easy way. 
  • Muscles that are in shape mean more sensation during sex
  • SMARTBALL UNO has a small interior whisper quiet weight ball which rolls and rumbles as you move, making your muscles work harder, bringing stronger orgasms into your sex life faster.
  • Just hold the SMARTBALL UNO inside and go about your business, or do your usual squeeze-and-release Kegel exercises around it for a more intense workout.
  • Conically tapered ball for easy insertion
  • The "EASY IN"-finger mould allows for easy insertion and removal of the SMARTBALL UNO
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Hypoallergenic - gentle to the body 
  • The SMARTBALL can be inserted in the vagina lengthwise and with a drop of  'toyfluid” and the flexible silicone retrieval band remains outside the body.
  • Simply insert this silky silicone ball and hold on.
  • Leave them inside for 15 minutes a day whilst doing yoga, walking swimming, shopping, working or work-out. 
  • Use regularly to prevent incontinence, recover from childbirth, maintain sexual health, and strengthen your muscles for better sex.
  • SMARTBALL UNO is a medically endorsed Kegel exercise device recommended by gynecologists and midwives around the world
  • Made of 100% body-safe materials - Velvety soft silicone sheathing – Love yourself.
  • Contains No Latex, Contains No Phthalates, Non-porous
  • 100% waterproof - Get Wet!
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty

SPECIFICATIONS: Length 4.5 inch, Insertable length 1.5 inch, Width 1.42 inch with a comfy 4.45 inch circumference. Weight: 39g

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How to use:
1 - In order to put the SMARTBALL UNO into your vagina easily, please use a proper amount of lubricant on the ball or in your vagina for a pleasant feeling. JOY FOR WOMEN recommends Fun Factory Toyfluid Silky Smooth Water Based Lubricant 100ml  for slippery and sensual fun. 
2 - Lean on a chair or on the sofa, open your legs, relax your vagina, and slowly push in the ball as far as they will comfortably go and your workout has started . Some women think it's easier to put in the ball standing with one leg lifted up.
3 - You can use your little personal trainer anywhere, completely discreetly. Leave them inside for 15 minutes a day whilst doing yoga, walking swimming, shopping, working or work-out. The muscles that need exercising will automatically start working once the SMARTBALL UNO is inside.
4 - Carefully clean the toy before first use and after each use with warm water.Then spray pjur MED CLEAN spray, specially suited for cleaning erotic toys as well as for gently washing genital areas. Then let it dry natually in the air.
NOTE: Contact with oils and creams (sunscreen, edible oil, lip balm, etc.) may cause irreversible damage to the control unit and the entire toy, and will void your warranty.


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