Sensuva ON ULTRA Natural Female Arousal Orgasm Oil 5ml


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Sensuva ON ULTRA Natural Female Arousal Orgasm Oil 5ml - 100% Natural, Powerful, Pleasurable, Arousal Orgasm OilThis incredible powerful botanical formula contains essential oils to naturally draw blood into the clitoral area, quickly igniting a warm and extremely unique buzzing sensation that awakens the nerve endings for orgasms galore!... ONE TO TWO DROPS IS ALL YOU NEED LADIES! IT'S LIKE FIREWORKS IN YOUR PANTIES!!!!


Voted #1 Female Arousal Orgasm Oil Product In The World!

The Most Revolutionary Female Arousal Formula - ON AROUSAL ULTRA. It's for advanced users who love feeling the ultimate in sensation. It is the absolute strongest, most intense formula. 

Why we love Sensuva ON ULTRA natural arousal orgasm oil - Using ON ULTRA Natural Arousal Orgasm Oil will help a woman’s body respond more easily to physical stimulation, and give her the type of full-body awareness that raises her arousal level. These two things give women the ability to achieve orgasm easier. Another wonderful benefit of ON ULTRA Natural Arousal Orgasm Oil is that it may actually help some women increase their production of personal lubrication. This may be extremely helpful for women going through hormonal changes, hysterectomy, stress or taking medications that tend to decrease their body’s ability to self-lubricate.One drop is all it takes to send your clitoris into orgasmic overload ... oooh ahh!

Plus, it's approved by a uroligist and sexual health specialist (so you know it's legit). Meet sexpert and all-round goddess Dr. Jennifer Berman.

THE ART OF FEMALE AROUSAL - Sensuva are dedicated toward helping Women & Men live healthier and more passionate lives.Our unique collection of sexual health and wellness products are hand-crafted in the USA, made from original formulas. We use natural botanicals, essential oil extracts, and only the healthiest ingredients.

Sensuva's mission is to create the most healthy, body-safe, natural products that genuinely work. We want women to feel turned on, aroused, and more connected to their partner every day. We have focused on designing original formulas that put women's bodies back in balance, and heighten awareness and sensitivity so that their love lives will finally feel the way they've always wanted them to.

Studies indicate that over 40% of women (close to 30 million) in the U.S. experience some kind of sexual concerns or difficulty ranging from a loss of libido, diminished arousal, vaginal dryness, or difficulty achieving orgasm. Many of these women do not feel comfortable talking about it with their healthcare professional and have no idea how to resolve their dissatisfaction on their own. We can help women by giving them information and access to products like ON Arousal. These are simple, healthy, effective solutions we can encourage them to try.
THE SCIENCE BEHIND FEMALE AROUSAL - The strong connection between a woman's mind and her body makes stress the single, biggest killer of intimacy.To fully build sexual arousal, a woman needs to relax.  Having confidence in her sexual response can help a woman relax and enjoy foreplay while allowing intimacy with her partner to come naturally.

ON, Natural Arousal Oil helps by strengthening the mind-body connection through genital feedback.  If a woman’s mind and body aren’t working together, she can completely miss the signals of arousal that her body is transmitting.  A drop or two of ON creates a pleasurable and unmistakable tingle and gentle heat.  Imagine holding a small vibrator to your clitoris while it’s getting warmer and you’re getting wetter.  This is what most women feel when they use ON. ON works as a sensory enhancer to naturally stimulate arousal and desire.  It connects the mind and body for a sexual experience like no other. 

Other natural products designed to enhance female arousal rely on vasodilators, such as L-Arginine and Niacin, or “stimulating” ingredients such as menthol, peppermint oil, or citric acid (orange oil) that can irritate sensitive areas.

ON uses all natural, botanical ingredients that have been used for centuries – but never like this. ON is a pure, oil-based formula. One of the many advantages to an oil-based formula is that it cannot support bacteria. Bacteria can lead to yeast infections and other vaginal problems or discomfort. ON also does not contain L-Arginine, which can re-activate an outbreak of genital herpes. ON provides a safe, all-natural arousal.


  • ON AROUSAL ULTRA is for advanced users who love feeling the ultimate in sensation. It is the absolute strongest, most intense formula.
  • Pulsates and vibrates: It creates a unique buzzing, vibration sensation on the clitoris
  • Safe and pleasurable during oral sex, Even helps keep your mouth more wet
  • Effects can last up to 45 minutes
  • Helps women have orgasms more easily and more intensely
  • Increases blood flow and sensation
  • Shockingly powerful: It is the most powerful formula available on the market
  • 50 Applications Per Bottle
  • Best when used alone, or with your lover
  • All-natural, healthy ingredients: It is made of 100% natural botanical ingredients and essential oils 
  • Medically endorsed by Dr. Jennifer Berman, MD
  • There is no menthol, no L-Arginine, no Glycerin, no Parabens, No Fragrance
  • It does not dry out vaginal tissue
  • Makes a lot of women feel like they lubricate more
  • Works quickly
  • Safe to use with condoms, latex, and sex toys.
  • Cruelty-free with no animal testing 
  • Vegan friendly
  • Results may vary 

    HOW DO I APPLY ON AROUSAL OILS? - Shake well. Apply 1-2 drops to the finger and directly massage onto the clitoris. After 5 minutes add more if desired. Within seconds, most women feel a warm, pleasurable buzzing or vibrating sensation (at different times of the month, women feel different amounts of sensation due to their fluctuation in hormones). The effect can last up to 45 minutes.


    • Women at any age and stage in their life that want to feel more sensation during sex
    • Women who want to have quicker or more powerful orgasms
    • Women who want to wear it daily to feel turned on throughout the day
    • It is perfect for women with dryness issues or going through menopause
    • Many women say it helps them lubricate more
    • A couple of drops in the morning and you'll be thinking about tonight all day


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