Weekend Orgasm Essentials for Couples


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Weekend Orgasm Essentials for Couples - Looking for some bang for your buck bedroom boosters for that weekend time with your partner? Look no further! JOY FOR WOMEN have put together a few of our best-selling orgasm enhancing products for couples so that you and your partner can indulge in a non-stop pleasure filled weekend. 

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The kit features the following products:

  • FOR HIM: Wild Bull Herbal Male Performance Enhancement Pills (Twin Pack)
  • FOR HER: ON Arousal Oil Single Use Ampoule Packet 0.3ml
  • FOR THEM: pjur Original Super Concentrated Silicone Based Personal Lubricant 30ml

WILD BULL: Boost your sex life with Wild Bull, Australia's #1 best selling Premium Herbal tablet for male enhancement. Our safe formula maximizes blood flow to the penis which is designed to boost stamina for males and drastically improve sexual performance for longer and better sex. Each box of Wild Bull contains 2 tablets designed to enhance pleasure and performance, improve your sex life and increase your size. Wild Bull is your weekly tablet to improved sex! Read more about Wild Bull here.

This product does not ship to the USA 

SENSUVA ON: The Most Revolutionary Female Arousal Formula - ON was the first of its kind. ON quickly became well known for its incredibly unique buzzing and vibrating sensation. This incredible powerful botanical formula creates an extremely unique buzzing sensation that awakens the nerve endings, increases blood flow and makes a woman feel more sensation than ever before!...IT'S LIKE FIREWORKS IN YOUR PANTIES, LADIES! Natural Arousal Orgasm Oil will help a woman’s body respond more easily to physical stimulation, and give her the type of full-body awareness that raises her arousal level. These two things give women the ability to achieve orgasm easier. One drop is all it takes to send your clitoris into orgasmic overload... oooh ahh! Read more about SENSUVA ON here. (NOTE: this kit only includes a Single Use Ampoule Packet).
PJUR ORIGINAL: pjur (pronounced “Pure”) - Pleasure, Purity & Quality! pjur ORIGINAL is the world's #1 best selling super-concentrated silicone personal lubricant which provides a super-slick, never sticky, long-lasting experience, while making your skin smooth and silky soft. Ideal for gentle body massages, relaxing every tense muscle. Free your imagination, fantasies and desires. Our premium personal lubricants are hypoallergenic, latex condom safe, and ideal for daily use. Medical grade ingredients and unique formulas create personal lubricants you are sure to love.Just try it out yourself! It is the best choice for first time users and aficionados alike. We guarantee it will keep you coming back for more. Spread the love and joy with pjur ORIGINAL. Read more about pjur ORIGINAL here.

*Please note: This product is not available through AFTERPAY*

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