Wild Bull Herbal Male Performance Enhancement Pills (10 Pack)


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Wild Bull Herbal Male Performance Enhancement Pills (10 Pack) - Boost your sex life with Wild Bull, Australia's #1 best selling Premium Herbal pill for male enhancement. Our formula maximizes blood flow to the penis which is designed to boost stamina for males and drastically improve sexual performance for longer and better sex. The Premium Male Product Platinum Edition of Wild Bull contains 10 pills designed to enhance pleasure and performance, improve your sex life and increase your size. Wild Bull is your weekly pill to improve sexual health. 
  • *Please note: This product is not available through AFTERPAY*

*Please note: This product is not available through AFTERPAY*
This popular herbal pill is the biggest selling Men's pill for over 20 years. Originally developed as an Anti Fatigue pill it was quickly discovered to have an erection-enhancing ability as the one and only side effect. No red face etc like viagra, no accelerated heartbeat, you don't even know that it's in your system until you're slightly sexually aroused and then you notice how fast you will get an erection and maintain it. 

Recommended Dosage - Take one pill after food with water.
Please note - One pill can stay in your system for up to seven days.
Results may vary.

Key Features:
  • Premium Male Product Platinum Edition of Wild Bull contains 10 pills
  • 10 Pack (10 x 750 mg) herbal supplements for men
  • Take 1 x pill 45 minutes before sex for desired effect
  • Improved blood circulation to the penis, which can result in help to  achieving your maximum erection potential
  • Designed to increase desire 
  • Harder and longer erections
  • Boost in stamina
  • Heightened sexual pleasure
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Improvement in sexual relationship
  • Boost in self esteem
  • Increase energy, prolong stamina and promote the natural production of testosterone which can help in overcoming erectile dysfunction
  • Wild Bull was engineered to deliver satisfaction in the bedroom 
  • Should be taken as a supplement alongside a normal healthy diet

Consistent use of Wild Bull can produce positive results to IMPROVE ERECTIONS, SEXUAL HEALTH & SEXUAL PERFORMANCE.

Active ingredients in Wild Bull: Chinese Yam, Chinese Wolfberry Fruit, Licorice Root, Jobs Tears Seeds, Gorgon Fruit Lily, Bitter Cardamon, Chinese Chives Seeds.

Our Secret to A Better Sex Life... There are 3 things that EVERY couple looks for in their sex life:

  • Longer Sex
  • Better Sex
  • More Intense Sex

The good news is MORE ENJOYABLE sex is just around the corner with WILD BULL.

After rigorous research, the proprietary formulation behind WILD BULL was created. The powerful male enhancer product WILD BULL provides a pain-free, safe and affordable male enhancement pill.

There are no harmful side effects and you don't need a doctor's prescription to buy Wild Bull. 

This product does not ship to USA.

*Please note: This product is not available through AFTERPAY*

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