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As you know, we're all about putting yourself first. Self-love and self-care are the rules rather than the exception. When you're looking for a way to enhance your self-care routine, you're probably wondering which sex toy is best. The best sex toy for solo sex for women will depend greatly on what you actually want. 

Everyone likes something a little different. Also, your pleasure experience will change throughout the month based on your hormonal cycle. So, it's probably best to have a few toys in your bedside drawer to keep you busy.

Today, we'll break it down nicely and simply for you. 

How to Choose a Sex Toy

As a fabulous, fearless, and fun shop, we're not here to tell you what to do. But we will tell you a few things that can make your sex toy shopping experience easier. As you know, all sex toys are not created equal. There are a few primary questions you should ask yourself first so you can make the best possible choice:

What is your sex toy budget?

Obviously, setting a budget for yourself is going to be the first step. Otherwise, It's pretty easy to break the bank. Decide on what you're willing to spend and what would be going a bit far for you. 

For this article, we'll rank toys by this metric:

  • Super saver - $150 and below
  • Affluent but affordable - $151-$200
  • Bougie babe - $201+

All of the toys chosen deserve the price point they're given. The brands that have won these prestigious choices are body-safe, easy to use, and have great warranty programs!

What do you want to stimulate?

There's a toy for everybody, so think about your favourite way to masturbate.

Some women are looking for clitoral stimulation only.

Others want to experience a blended orgasm with some g-spot and clitoral action.

Or if you're looking for backdoor… well, you get the point.

So what do YOU want this toy to stimulate? 

For the best solo-sex toy list, we'll be ranking things by:

  • Clit-only
  • Options are open
  • Internal pleasure

It all depends on what you want from this toy! It's unlikely you'll find one toy for all areas, and even if you did, why not treat yourself?

What's your sex toy experience level?

There are some tried and true classics for you, such as the wand that never fails.

Others are fresher to the market and are sure to change your life.

There's nothing wrong with getting a classic beginner's toy. They're described that way for a reason!

You can't go wrong. 

Also, some toys are more advanced because they don't leave much room for growth, like the sucking vibrator. It's one of the most powerful sex toys on the market. If you start there, you're not leaving much room for growth.

So, we'll be ranking our favourite toys based on: 

  • Naughty newbie - this is your first or second toy
  • Educated experimenter - you've had more than two toys in the past
  • Sexy savant - you've got a full-blown collection!

We are using these ratings so that you don't get stuck with something that is a bit out of your comfort zone. We want you to make the best possible selection, so you have room to experiment!

Our Favourite Sex Toys for Masturbation

Now that you know what you're looking for, here is a little about how we chose these fabulous products.

As pleasure product experts here, we already have a good idea of what we're looking for when we recommend a product.

We chose these based on a few criteria:

  • The brand - The brand association is important to us. Some higher quality companies offer fabulous warranties, ethical manufacturing, and are gender-neutral. When we're looking for the best toys, we're talking across the board, not just in your pants.
  • Value - The price point is essential, but so is the product quality. We want you to get the most orgasms for your dollar, so we've chosen these honourable few. We know they'll bring you next-level pleasure, and you'll definitely get your money's worth.
  • Versatility - Almost all toys can be used by anybody, regardless if you were born a woman or any other gender. We value pleasure for everyone.

Now that you know what we were looking for when making this list, we hope you trust our selections!

BMS Factory Palmpower Extreme vibrating body wand massager

Buy it now!

Budget: Super Saver - $150

Stimulation: Clit-only

Recommended experience level: Naughty Newbie +

The PalmPower Extreme is an adaptation of the classic wand. Its revolutionary shape makes solo sex much more comfortable while not sacrificing an ounce of power! This fabulous body wand is made from ABS plastic and body-safe silicone, making it a breeze to clean and maintain. Safe for external body use, it's ideal for clitoral pleasure and pesky neck pain you've been dealing with!

Wands have been around since the 1890s and were one of the first sex toys on the market. Now, they're still a tried and true classic that will soon become your "ol' reliable" for self-pleasure. 

We-Vibe MELT app-controlled clitoral stimulator

Buy it now!

Budget: Affluent and Affordable - $190

Stimulation: Clit-only

Recommended experience level: Educated Experimenter + 

Clit-sucking vibrators are a long-regarded favourite here at Joy for Women. They're totally unique in that they never technically touch your clitoris.

Their indirect stimulation creates a pleasure vortex leading you to one of your life's most leg-shaking orgasms.

Give it time, practice, and dedication; you may even learn to squirt!

Please bear in mind that using a sucking vibrator like the We-vibe Melt isn't recommended for more than 5 minutes at a time.

It's just that efficient!

The big bonus is that it also comes with a compatible app for your smartphone if you want to get fancy!

Fun Factory Bi Stronic Fusion thrusting rabbit vibrator

Buy it now!

Budget: Bougie Babe - $300

Stimulation: Options are open

Recommended experience level: Sexy Savant +

Alright, buckle up, ladies.

As you know, sex tech has come a LONG way in the last few years. Pioneer sex toy brands like Fun Factory offer some of the sexiest and most reliable technology there is. Enter the Bi Stronic Fusion. This, on the surface, appears to be a chunky rabbit-style vibrator. But it is SO much more. 

The Bi Stronic Fusion has over 60 different settings for your solo pleasure. These include thrusting, that's right, thrusting, as a sensation. With just a few clicks of the easy-to-find buttons, you'll slam against your A-spot without any issue!

It also has two separate motors. One for your internal solo pleasure and one for your clitoris. The ultra-flexible and wide clitoral arm can bring you unparalleled pleasure across nearly your entire clitoral body!

Fun Factory Lady Bi powerful A-spot vibrator with free toy bag!

Buy it now!

Budget: Affluent but Affordable - $200

Stimulation: Options are open

Recommended experience level: Sexy Savant

Fun Factory is one of the highest-quality brands out there.

This fabulous toy offers tons of pleasure options.

Let's just go through some of the fantastic features:

  • Features an ABS-plastic handle with a finger loop for easy use
  • Multiple areas for stimulation
  • Clitoral arm with broad wings to fully stimulate the clitoral body
  • Mid-shaft bump to pleasure your open and V-spot
  • Curved tip to stimulate your g-spot or a-spot, depending on your mood
  • Two separate motors - one in the clitoral arm and one in the shaft, so you can customise your solo-sex experience
  • Totally safe for anal play!

And these are only a few features we love on the Lady Bi. You'll have to bi (get it?) it for yourself to see what we mean!

Dame POM palm-sized flexible clitoral vibrator

Buy it now!

Budget: Affluent and Affordable - $160

Stimulation: Clit-only

Recommended experience level: Naughty Newbie

Unlike a bullet vibrator, there's no room for confusion here. This adorable palm-shaped toy fits comfortably in your hand for simple, effortless lay-on pleasure. 

Super small and discreet, the POM is the perfect purse buddy for all your travel plans. It's squeezable, washable and only offers a few simple patterns.

If you're new to sex toys, THIS is the place to start. 

Now that you've got a place to start, which toy will you choose? There's something perfect for each body. It often takes some experimentation to figure it out for yourself.

Try taking our sex toy quiz if you still have doubts!


Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Resident Sexologist | Sex, Dating, & Relationship Coach | Pleasure Product Expert


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