Blog: The Sauciest FAQs vol.1 – Dina G talks vibrators!

Joy For Women makes me... curious

Here at Joy For Women, we say ‘yay’ to normalising female sexual pleasure – we're a stigma-free zone. Talking about sexual happiness can be a bit awkward, but we don’t think it should be. 

After 15 years in the sex toy industry, Joy For Women founder Dina G has heard it all. So she’s sharing her knowledge by tackling your sauciest, naughtiest, and most awkward FAQs. 

No topic is taboo (seriously). So get curious and buckle up for the ride.


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Not a video fan? Here’s a transcript of Our Sauciest FAQs with Dina G

Q: Should I try a G-spot or clitoral vibrator? 

“And that's a really good question. I always ask my customers do you like external stimulation? Do you like internal stimulation? Shallow G spot and clit? Deep internal stimulation? 

There are vibes to stimulate everything. What I do highly recommend if you do like external body wands are amazing, or bullet vibrators. If you like internal, go the G-spot, go the full hog G-spot and clit, which is a rabbit vibrator

Don't stop at anything, just keep going and see what your body enjoys.” 

Q: If I don’t like vibrators, what can I use? 

“For my customers who don't like vibration, a lot of women get stimulation from dildos. I always recommend something with a suction cup. You can stick them to pretty much anything. So... go for it! Dildo! Dildo!” 

Q: How can I introduce a vibrator into my relationship? 

“And that's one question I do get asked a lot. What I would say to that is there are some partners that love bringing so many vibes into the relationship because they know how amazing and how much fun they are for both partners. 

Other partners do feel inadequate and they think ‘oh, what if I can't get them off? What if she doesn't need me?’ The whole thing about adding a vibe to a relationship is communication. If you're not comfortable with that, not about making someone feel inadequate or not wanting or you don't need them anymore. It's adding spice to your relationship. This is what it's all about.” 

Q: Do vibrators desensitise you to sex? 

“Absolutely not. Vibrators actually make you want to have sex more! They stimulate, they’re orgasmic, they make you squirt. They keep coming back for more.” 

Q: Can I squirt using a vibrator? 

“Of course you can. What I would recommend is play with your vagina, your vulva, your clitoris with your finger. I've been told so many girls squirt are just playing with all of the above. And when the sensation feels right get yourself in the mood and a G-spot vibrator – they are designed to make women squirt. They are amazing. 

So the other thing I would recommend is probably clit sucker. That sucks the orgasm out of you. So when you feel like you want to pee, let it go. It's a good feeling. But one thing to remember is everybody is different. Give it a go and see what works for your body.”

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