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Should you masturbate while you menstruate? Absolutely! The Women With Vibrators Collective (WWVC) rejoices for another reason why you should get dirty with your new sex toy. Masturbating while you're on your period can be beneficial by relieving some of your obnoxious menstrual symptoms. The fact that solo sex on your period isn't discussed or suggested more often is shocking. The power of an orgasm can't be minimised!

Masturbation & Menstruation Myths

We've all heard and lived with them, but now we're here to bust things down for you. Plenty of myths have floated around for centuries about sex and masturbation during your period. Let's get rid of some of these.

  • Myth
  • You can't get pregnant while on your period.

  • Fact
  • While it is relatively unlikely for you to get pregnant if you have sex while on your period, it's still possible. Still follow all your typical pregnancy prevention steps to ensure you aren't surprised.

  • Myth
  • Period blood is dirty.

  • Fact
  • Nope, it's a regular, everyday part of your bodily functioning. There isn't anything different or dirty about it. Nor is it more dangerous than blood from other parts of your body. 

  • Myth
  • You should avoid sexual activities while you're on your period

  • Fact
  • Many women experience higher sex drives during their period and should be indulged! Sex while on your period can help improve your mood, relieve pain, and make you feel better. 

    These myths need to go! Let's replace that space in your head with practical reasons why you should masturbate while on your period. 

    Why Should You Masturbate While You Menstruate?

    Yes, it may be messy at times. Still, it's a normal and healthy activity that can help relieve some of your period symptoms.

    For many women, this may feel a bit uncomfortable at first. We've got some tips coming up later on that can help you tame the mess. But for those who aren't bothered, discover why masturbating during menstruation benefits you!

    Boost your mood and kick mood swings to the curb

    Well, not all the way. But masturbating releases countless feel-good chemicals, hormones and endorphins. This rush of neuro-feel-good endorphins can put you in a better mood! Your improved mood equals reduced stress and eased sexual tensions. After masturbation, you may be better prepared to deal with the hormonal mood swings of your cycle. 

    Helps with cramps

    Cramps are often the worst part of being on your period. But that's not the only pain associated with periods. What about the back, head, and shoulder pain as well? Well, solo sex can go a long way to relieving your other physical ailments while you're on your period. 

    That rush of endorphins that you get from orgasms is potent. Powerful enough to help relieve some of the pain you're experiencing!

    Sleep better

    During orgasm, your brain releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone that has a soothing effect on your body. We all know about oxytocin, but what else?

    Orgasms also trigger the release of a chemical called prolactin. This is associated with sleepiness. Therefore, it can help you sleep even better during your period instead of tossing and turning due to your monthly discomfort. 

    The bottom line is that you should at least try masturbating while menstruating. It will make your period more bearable, and you may find a new cramp-coping strategy!

    Tips on How to Masturbate While You Menstruate

    If you're not bothered by some staining, scroll on, friend!

    However, if you want a few tips on how to make masturbation enjoyable during menstruation, we've got them. Here are a few pro tips to ensure you have an enjoyable solo-sex session.

    Clitoral focus & other stimulation

    The vast majority of women experience orgasms through clitoral stimulation.

    The same holds true if you're on your period. You don't have to penetrate yourself to experience the sexual gratification of an orgasm.

    By simply focusing on your clitoris, you'll avoid a potential mess while still getting the pleasure you desire.

    Don't forget about your other erogenous zones as well!

    The nipples and the rest of your body are still your playgrounds 24/7/365.

    So use your period as a time to really try pleasure mapping your body. You may be surprised at what you find!

    Hop in the shower

    If you can't be asked to clean up after masturbation, you're not alone!

    Hop in the shower or in the bath and enjoy yourself. The bonus here is that the hot water will also help ease some of your aches and cramps while you masturbate. Plus, all that period blood will go right down the drain.

    Don't skip the lube

    While menstrual blood can act as a natural lubricant, it still dries out quickly. A few drops of your favourite water-based lubricant can go a long way internally and externally. 

    Or, if you're playing in the shower, try a water-resistant silicone-based lubricant instead.

    If you're going internal - here are a few potential precautions

    Of course, if you're okay with the mess, then go for it!

    However, if you'd like to know a few ways to keep things tidy, here are a few pro-tips:

    • Lay down on a towel while you masturbate - Putting one underneath your backside reaching towards your knees will help catch any potential messiness from solo sex.
    • Wear a tampon or menstrual cup - Doing this means that your feminine hygiene product will hang onto most of your blood. If you opt for this, focus on external stimulation!
    • If you're using a sex toy, slap a condom on it - A condom is an easy way to skip the in-depth clean you may have to do on your favourite sex toy. So if you're going internal, put a condom on your vibrator for easy cleanup!
    • Keep wet wipes around - If you're fastidious or have a partner involved, it may be helpful to have wet wipes around to make cleanup quick.
    • Waterproof sheets - These sex sheets are worth the investment if you often play on your period. Or if you like to make a mess in bed with your partner! 

    Whatever works for you is on the table, and we celebrate that!

    Just try not to overthink it.

    Solo sex is always a highly personal activity. So take whatever steps you feel are necessary for your comfort. 

    The Bottom Line

    Masturbation has countless health benefits, whether on your period or not. Just because it's "that time of the month" doesn't mean sexual pleasure is out the window. Enjoy your time as a sensual being around the calendar without the unnecessary breaks. And the next time you have period cramps, try a little solo sex to see if your symptoms improve!

    Masturbation during menstruation needs to be normalised. It's an entirely healthy option to eliminate some of your PMS symptoms. You may even find your orgasms are more satisfying!


    Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!


    Elaine S. Turner

    Clinical Sexologist | Sex, Dating & Relationship Coach | Pleasure Product Guru

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