Blog: How to safely travel with your toys.

Packing up for any trip is thrilling. But what kind of holiday would it be if you couldn't pack your favourite sex toy? Not much of a holiday at all, if you ask us. Travelling safely with your favourite pleasure products can heighten the experience, whether alone, with a partner, or hoping to find someone on the journey. Bringing sex toys in your bag comes with a unique set of considerations and some safety concerns for you and your favourite vibrator. In this blog, we will discuss the essential tips for travelling safely with sex toys so you have a flawless and pleasurable trip.

1.   Know the local laws.

While it is uncommon, some international destinations do not allow pleasure products of any kind past their borders. So step one of travelling with sex toys is to look up the local laws and regulations around sex toys. Hence, you avoid a very uncomfortable confrontation at customs. Some particular counties of note are Malaysia, the Maldives, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, UAE, and Vietnam. While some are more relaxed than others around these regulations, ensure you know what you're getting into before you pack up your BFF.

2.   Choose toys with a travel lock.

Imagine this. You're on a plane and suddenly hear something buzzing in the overhead bin. Slowly people's heads turn around and look towards your storage compartment. Suddenly you realise it isn't your electric toothbrush making the racket - but your vibrator.

Luckily, this is primarily a problem of the past. Most electric sex toys have a travel lock feature which requires you to actively try to unlock it. If you know you've got a steamy trip planned, check out the BMS Factory Palmpower Pocket mini body wand massager or the Fun Factory Lady Bi that features a travel lock so you can journey with peace of mind.

3.   Pack only a few toys.

Packing up for a holiday is all about priorities. While it may be hard to choose just a few pleasure products to bring with you, it will save you space and peace of mind. Some pro tips are to pick ones that use the same type of charger, that way, you're not drowning in vibrator cords. Also, prioritise the ones that are more discreet, or easier to share with a partner, depending on the type of holiday you're taking. We strongly suggest tucking. C-shaped vibrator like the Winyi Helen remote-controlled wearable couples vibrator into your bag so you can enjoy a steamy dinner with a sexy someone while you're out exploring.

4.   Be aware of battery restrictions.

Some airlines and countries have different restrictions when it comes to things with either rechargeable or disposable batteries. Make sure you know the regulations around them. It may be easy to pop your toy into your checked baggage, but if it has a lithium battery, you may need to think twice!

5.   Clean your toys before packing them up.

It may be tempting to grab a vibrator from your bedside, toss it in your luggage, pause, and quickly clean your toy first. A little bit of toy cleaner and warm water will go a long way for the toy's longevity and your own sexual health. Leaving them used and dirty for an extended period can cause the surface material to degrade, leading to yeast infections and other undesirable results later. Quickly clean them and dry your vibrator with a microfiber cloth, and you'll be ready to go!

6.   Pack your silicone toys individually.

The silicone slowly degrades when you store two things containing silicone together so they touch. They likely won't be melted by the time the plane touches down. Still, their non-porous surface can be compromised with extended exposure. Pack your toys in separate fabric bags so they travel safely and are easy to find later!

7.   Consider how you're packing them.

The people who work at customs aren't stupid. When you pack a vibrator in a silky black bag with an individual drawstring, odds are they know exactly what they're looking at. You should make them somewhat discreet and don't actively try to conceal your pleasure product. Security agents may fear the worst if they search your bag, which can draw even more unwanted attention at the airport. Choose a travel bag or case that is a little discreet, so a passerby wouldn't think twice with a glance. Still, an airport security agent can tell that your vibrator isn't a weapon.

8.   Pack your lubricant separately.

Lube is essential for many, and buying a new sexual lubricant on arrival in a foreign place may make you uncomfortable. You can pack your favourite lubricant, just don't put it in the same bag as your sex toy. Not only will it be annoying to clean and deal with on arrival, but again, it could compromise the quality of your toy if the lubricant explodes in the air. Keep your sexual lubricant in a separate plastic bag, especially if it's a silicone-based lubricant, as this will likely stain your clothes.

9.   Plan ahead for storage while you're on your trip.

You may be travelling with others you don't want to share details of your pleasure life with. To avoid the unbearably uncomfortable moment of having your family member find your vibe, plan ahead for where you will clean and store it between uses. Put it back in your luggage where prying eyes aren't likely to find it. Or you could keep it in a separate fabric bag in your laundry basket. It will depend heavily on your boundaries with the people you travel with. So consider your options and plan ahead.

Travelling with sex toys is incredibly common and something many pleasure product companies have capitalised upon by making specific travel versions of their toys. These will be smaller, quieter, and feature a travel lock making your next vacation a breeze.

Planning ahead is essential. Ensure you travel safely with your sex toys by researching before, choosing a sex toy with a travel lock, and cleaning and storing your toys correctly. With just a little bit of forethought, you'll never have to be separated from your favourite vibrator ever again.

 Get out there, Get in there, and Get off there!

Elaine S. Turner

Sexologist | Sex Coach | Pleasure Product Guru



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