Blog: The Sauciest FAQs vol.2 – Dina G talks periods!

Can I have sex on my period? Can my period make me hornier? And more…

Back by popular demand… Dina G’s Sauciest FAQs, volume 2!

This time, we’re surfing the crimson tide… hosting a visit from Aunt Flo… showing the Red Badge of Courage. That’s right – we’re talking periods.

And more specifically, period sex, period masturbation and period orgasms.

So buckle up and let Dina G take you on a ride…

Here’s a transcript of our Sauciest FAQs vol.2, for all the text-lovers out there…

Q. Can I have sex on my period?

The answer is: 'yes, of course, you can have sex on your period.

This is the time when some women are at their horniest. So I highly recommend these little soft tampons. They're soft, they're absorbent, easy to use, all you’ve got to do is put your finger through the loop, insert it, they’re an incredible little product.

I do highly recommend having the conversation with your partner prior to having sex just to let them know that you have your period, but they won't even know that this is inside you. That's how amazingly soft they are. Look at that!

Q. Should I masturbate on my period?

So if you do decide to masturbate whilst on your period, the orgasms are pretty cool. And you will release endorphins that make you feel fantastic, which are also known as the happy hormones.

So say goodbye to the period blues, because an orgasm is just what you might need. Bye-bye period blues!

Q. Is it true my period can make me hornier?

Absolutely, you may have a very strong sex drive whilst on your period. So go with what feels good.

Q. I'm on my period – what's the best vibrator to use?

I think the best vibrator to use on your period is a clitoral vibrator. There are 8000 nerve endings at the end of the clitoris, so they provide intense orgasms.

If you're more worried about making a mess, insert a menstrual cup. They soak up hours of blood, they're easy to insert, and they don't make a bloody mess.

Q. I really want to have sex on my period, but I'm worried my partner will think it's gross. How can I talk about it with them?

I think communicating is key. So at the end of the day, you have to do what makes the both of you happy.

But do explain that there are other options like the soft tampons, which we did mention before, which soak up a lot of blood. And if it does get a little bit messy... well, bloody hell – let it be it!

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